Wealthy Affiliate Review 2020

gkratrcya_0-dai-keName:Wealthy Affiliate
Price:$0 Starter Membership.You get a free account with options to upgrade.
Owners:Kyle and Carson
Overall Rank:98 out of 100
Who it’s for:Everyone,beginners to experts.

If you are reading this review,it means that you are serious about LEARNING how to build your own website,then actually doing it.The Wealthy Affiliate training program will make this happen for you regardless of your education or past experiences.If you can navigate through the menu of your smart phone,you can build a business on the Wealthy Affiliate platform.

Here are some highlights about what is offered by Kyle and Carson.

*The process of getting started is simple.
*You get online Classroom Training and Courses you complete at your own pace,Tutorial Training,and Video Lessons.
*Thousands of community members available to help you.
*More than 13 Full,Interactive Classrooms.(online)
*24/7 Live,Interactive Help.
*You get 2 FREE,Creatively built websites.
*The most technologically advanced web Hosting.Safe and fast.
*Spam is NOT ALLOWED at Wealthy Affiliate.
*Free to start.no catches.

What is Wealthy Affiliate?lf8gk8-hgsg-alejandro-escamilla
Wealthy Affiliate is not so much a product,but more like a service oriented community,with the common goal of LEARNING Internet Marketing.
If you want to LEARN TO EARN,communicate with intelligent and positive people,and aren’t shy about asking for help or offering help,this is the place for you.If you are a social outcast or a spammer,you will not be welcomed into this community.

One great aspect of Wealthy Affiliate is that Kyle and Carson,the guys that started this project over 10 years ago,stay involved in the community
every day.They are genuinely concerned about the success of their members.

Who is Wealthy Affiliate for?
Wealthy Affiliate is for everyone.If you’ve never heard of Internet Marketing,and someone told you about it,this is the best place for you to start LEARNING AND EARNING.If you already own an online business,Wealthy Affiliate can teach you how to increase traffic and attract more visitors.

Wealthy Affiliate Training and Tools
The training is extensive,well organized,and up to date at Wealthy Affiliate,and it caters to every level of experience,including training for top level marketers.Kyle and Carson understand that some people learn better by reading,and some people learn better by watching videos.For this reason they present the lessons in different ways:

*Live Training Classes presented weekly.
*Question and Answer Sessions on the Live Chat page.
*Video Training.
*Tasked Based Lessons.
*Topic Specific Organized Classrooms.

There is so much information available to learn that it might seem overwhelming,but it really isn’t because you learn at your own pace,and there are no deadlines to meet.You check off a lesson as complete only when you feel that you understand the material or you have completed the task.You also have access to all the tools you need to make your online business successful.Included in your membership are these website building and hosting applications:

*Wordpress for building your website.
*Jaaxy for keyword research.It also includes Competition Research Tool.
*Top Level Unlimited Cloud Hosting(Premium Members).
*Over 2,400 website templates(themes).
*Capability of adding over 30,000 unique “features” to your website.
*Rapid Writer,a content management tool.

Members of Wealthy Affiliate have all the tools and services they need to run their online business,nothing has been left out,making it a truly “ALL IN ONE” online business platform.

Success is learned from successful people.The Wealthy Affiliate Community.

Wealthy Affiliate offers live help from its’ members to its’ members,24 hours a day,7 days a week.

*Live Chat.
*Interactive Discussions.
*Live Question and Answer Sessions.
*Private Help from Kyle and Carson if you need it.Remember,they own the company,and they really want to see you succeed.
*Private Help from experts within the community.These are the folks who’ve been doing this a while,and they don’t mind helping newbies.

You will not be alone on your path to success.a2nru2wxa2o-luke-chesser

What Exactly Will I Be Doing at Wealthy Affiliate?
It’s very simple,and you have two options available.You can choose to pursue your hobby or something you are really good at like building furniture or cooking.You start there and you will be taught in the first training lessons how to start a full time online business.
Some people don’t have hobbies or interests that they would want to build a website for,or they have a hard time choosing one.In this case you can choose to go through The Wealthy Affiliate Bootcamp where you promote Wealthy Affiliate on your website.There is no experience needed regardless of what you choose,all the training is provided.Either way,you are going to learn how to create a business,starting with a website,and ending with you making money from your website.This is NOT a Get Rich Quick program.It will take time and effort,but it will be worth it.

How Much Will It Cost?

Starter Membership:FREE  JOIN NOW

Yearly: $495 per year.

Discount: $93 (Basically a two month discount).

Bonuses: Free .com domain ($14 value), 100 community credits,

bonus live class (AMA with Kyle), Succeeding in 2020.

                                                   UPGRADE NOW

Start learning today.


The step-by-step training at Wealthy Affiliate is great. Even if you are a complete beginner, you are taken by the hand and walked through everything you need to do to get up and running. Every lesson has actionable tasks at the end of it, which means you have to take action before you move onto the next lesson. It’s great to get you in that action-taking mindset. Many other courses just show you what to do, then people often tend to just do nothing with what they have just learned.

But the supportive community is also a huge plus. Anytime you have a question, you just ask it in one of the classrooms and people start answering really quickly. That’s because there are so many members and they all have the mindset of wanting to help each other out.

This seems like a good site to go to if you’re interested in online marketing. You’ve laid out all the positive benefits of joining up- the community feel, the self paced lessons, etc. Nice use of bullet points to spell out all of the reasons why someone should try Wealthy Affiliate. It probably could have used another image or two though- it was a lot of text with nothing visual to break it up.

Hi Tomas, how are you? I love the review, wealthy affiliate truly is one of the best places around for one to go and learn all of the ins and outs of affiliate marketing. Thanks to this place, I have a solid foundation built up for me to earn money while I sleep. I don’t know what is better for me out there these days, I love it.

Jacob, you have a very good attitude about what you are doing at Wealthy Affiliate. Stay focused, keep that positive attitude and never give up.

Hi Tomas,

The question and answer style of giving information about wealthy affiliate is very effective. It’s like me asking the questions while reading and finding the answer right away. To be honest this is not the first time I read a review about WA. I myself is a member. Bu the way you present the topic is like my first time reading about wealthy affiliate. Because of that I can easily understand what WA is and the decision to join is not hard at all.

Wealthy Affiliate is really a good place to start for beginners. The creators of this wonderful platform will not give a complete beginner a false hope about making money online. One thing I like in this community is the honesty and genuine motivation of the creators and members as well.

Brian thanks for your input. I definitely agree with you about the honesty and integrity of Kyle and Carson. From the start they never claim that the training is a way to make money as fast as you can. Wealthy Affiliate is a training platform that requires hard work and dedication, and they provide the training at a fair price.

Hello there! this is an amazing review you have got here. I am sure these quality informations in this post will be of great help to anyone who come across it. The benefits of wealthy affiliate can not be over emphasized. For me, they are the best in the world presently and I am happy I’m a member.

Thanks for your comment Joy. Wealthy Affiliate is really the best and safest place to learn affiliate marketing. I still recommend to all my visitors to do your own in depth research and compare what you get from Kyle and Carson, and what you get from any other company offering similar training. Dollar for dollar I still recommend  Wealthy Affiliate as the premier training platform for website building and starting your own online business.

Hello Tomas, scam sites are much out there and they are really painting the good platforms with a bad color making lots of people think all other things platforms are a scam as well, and that is why I really appreciate such simple and clear reviews. Wealthy affiliate is indeed a very good platform to give you all the knowledge you need to become a good affiliate marketer and the exposure is really amazing 

Justin, thanks for your comments on this review. Kyle and Carson never set out to scam anyone, their goal was simple, provide the best information at any given time about how you can build your own website and monetize it.

They also had a goal of constantly improving the information they provide , and they have met these goals every year.

Thank you so much for sharing with us an interesting and excellent article. The principal content of this article is about WEALTHY AFFILIATE REVIEW 2020. It is really pretty that you have demonstrated this topic so well in your article. I have learned a lot by reading your article and gained a lot of cognition about Wealthy Affiliate. Of the points mentioned in your article, I like Wealthy Affiliate Training and Tools. I myself am a member of the Wealthy Affiliate Platform and using its training and tools today I have become successful in the world of affiliate marketing.

Finally, I have read and enjoyed your article. I would like to share the subject of this article in the Facebook group so that everyone can know about the wealthy affiliate and join here.

Md. Asraful, I appreciate your comments on my review of Wealthy Affiliate. You say that you are also a member so you know the value of the education that you receive from this amazing community. With effort and determination, anyone can build their own online business with the knowledge that they gain from Kyle and Carson.

Wao, I should have come across this site before. I have just been reading this morning about a couple of sites that pay you a bit to do some tasks but the income potential is not very high. I was excited I had at last found some sites that aren’t scams and were I could make some money. But this Wealthy Affiliate thing is a whole different story. I’m glad I came to your post.

Hello Ann, there are more than a couple of sites out there that claim that they will pay you to do certain tasks. Here at Wealthy Affiliate, the main goal is to teach you how to build your own website , and earn money by helping people to solve problems or to find the things they need in dealing with their hobbies or their personal life.Stay focused on what your goals are, and keep a positive attitude, success is within your reach.

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