Google Adsense Review 2023

Here at Back-UpCash we currently place ads from a select group of advertisers chosen for us by the team at Google Adsense.If you already have an established niche website we suggest that you sign up with Adsense as another tool to monetize your website.

If you don’t have a website yet we still encourage you to visit the Adsense website to learn about how it works and how it can benefit you when you do have an established website.

Name:Google Adsense.
Overall Rank:8 out of 10.

Adsense Overview
There are four basic steps in implementing advertisements into an existing website or blog.

The first step is picking out the kind of ad you want and the style you want.In this initial phase
you are not selecting the content of the ad,just the size and style,as well as the format.Ads could be
text only,a display only,but usually they are a combination of the two.

The second step is to simply pick out where you want to position the ad or ads on your website or blog.
You just copy and paste the ad code where you want to display it.

The third step is waiting to see who the highest bidder is who bought the ad space on your website,and
then seeing it go live on your website.There is a real-time auction that takes place behind the scenes
to determine who gets the ad space on your website.

The fourth step is letting the team at Adsense headquarters take care of dealing with the billing of
advertisers or networks.When the ads are viewed or clicked on,you earn money.You get paid when you’ve
earned a certain minimum amount.

The Good
*It’s free to join.
*The ads are monitored to make sure they are secure and relevant to your websites’ viewer.
*Advertisers are bidding for your space,which is easier than you going to them to try to get them to advertise on your website.
*You are in full control.You can block any ads that you feel are inappropriate or irrelevant.You pick where the ads are displayed on your website.
*You decide what category of ads you want on your website.
*Ads are responsive on smartphones or tablets.

The Bad
*You must have significant traffic to take advantage of all Adsense has to offer.
*Payouts are small without significant traffic to your website.
*It can take several weeks to be approved into the program.

Who is it for.
Anyone wanting to monetize their website.The approval process is completely at the discretion of Adsense management,so anyone can apply,but not all may be approved.If you have an established website with regular visitors,you will do better than someone just starting out.

Tools,Training and Support
The Adsense website is an excellent source for training and support.

You can’t beat the price to join:FREE.

Final Opinion
Google Adsense is a legitimate way of monetizing a website at no cost to you.There is is no risk in joining,and if you feel that it isn’t working for you on your website,you can cancel at any time.Adsense also expects publishers to maintain their websites to a high standard and any violations of those standards may result in involuntary cancellation of your account.

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