Work at Home University Review.

Name:Work at Home University,also known as WAHEDU.
Overall ranking:SCAM.
Price:Website claims a one time fee of $97.
Owners:Michelle Withrow,unverified and most likely fictitious.This sites most current incarnation doesn’t even list the owners.
Website:wahuniversity.com or most recently wahedu.com

Work at Home University Overview
At first glance this website seems promising and filled with potential.I have personal experience with this website because I paid the $97
fee last year to learn first-hand what it was about,and the way it appears at first glance is NOT what I experienced within the members’ section.

The Good
Ironically,this website calling itself a University of Internet Marketing is actually more like a pre-school in that it presents an almost basic idea of IM,but in a very unorganized,unclear fashion.It’s a scam because you are on your own swimming through an ocean of text and low grade videos.
The only good thing I will mention is that I did get a refund when I asked for it without any hassles.

The Bad
The bad thing about this website is that it still exists.Even the claims of phone and e-mail support are inaccurate because while I was a member,and even now,the so-called support is only located under a Contact tab and you are re-directed to a completely separate website.A reputable source of IM training should have a support team in-house,and easy to find on the website.
The training that was presented was unclear and unorganized,and was not written in a way that was easy to understand.

Who it’s for
I would not recommend this website for anyone.

Training and Tools
Unsatisfactory,not recommended.

On the sites’ homepage,clicking on the Contact tab will re-direct you to another website,where you will at least get your money back if you made the mistake of joining

A one-time fee of $97.

Final Opinion
This site is a scam that changes its’ name every few months.

My top Recommendation


Thanks for your comment Nathan.You really can’t go wrong with Wealthy Affiliate unless you just don’t put in the hard work and put in the time to go through the lessons that Kyle and Carson have provided for you.

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