Swagbucks Review

Price:Free to join.
Owners:Prodege LLC.
Overall Rank:3.6 out of 5 stars.

Swagbucks Overview
This is a website that rewards you with what they call SB’s.To qualify for the SB’s you just have to do things you probably do anyway,like websurfing,watching videos that interest you,or maybe playing games or participating in surveys.Every time you take any of these actions you earn SB’s.
Once you sign up and get on their website,you’ll see links that are titled Shop,Search,Watch,Play,Answer and Discover.This is what you get for completing any of these tasks:
*To Shop-you’ll get money back for buying things from the dominant on-line retailers,such as Best Buy,Walmart,Amazon,and a lot more.
*To Search-they have their own search engine,and if you use it instead of Google,for example,you qualify for SB’s.
*To Watch-watching videos of just about anything will qualify you for SB’s.
*To Answer-just for answering survey questions you will be credited SB’s.
*To Discover-you can download and print grocery store coupons,and if you download the Swagbucks browser add-on,you can earn more SB’s even faster.

The Pros-
*It’s free to join.
*It’s easy to do.
*You exchange SB’s for either cash or e-gift cards.
*You have to be at least 13 years old to join.

The Cons-
*It’s only open to people who live in the US,UK,Canada,Australia,Ireland and India.
*You have to spend a lot of time on the website to amass any significant amount of SB’s because one SB is worth a penny.
*Some users have reported problems getting their rewards.
*It is not a way of owning your own on-line business the way you could with your own website.

Who is it for?
*Anyone 13 years old or older.
*Anyone with a lot of free time available.

Tools and Training
*On the website.

Final opinion
This website is a way of earning small amounts of cash and e-gift cards from popular on-line retailers.It would not be a first choice for anyone wanting to actually build their own niche website and to monetize it.Swagbucks is a legitimate website,but it has had issues with complaints from some of it’s users regarding the distribution of rewards.If you are a casual user of the internet,and you have a lot of free time,you might be interested in this website.If you are serious about earning more money through your actions on the internet,this would not be the website for you.

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