Is Wealthy Affiliate Really The Best Internet Marketing Training For Beginners?

You have to start somewhere to get anywhere.

If you are reading this article on my website it means that you have a sincere interest in learning about Internet Marketing and Affiliate Marketing. Maybe you’re still hesitating to actually build your own website because you just aren’t sure about where to get the training you need.

For most people wanting to learn a new skill the most important factor that holds them back is usually money. It takes thousand of dollars to get a college level education in any given subject, and unless you have rich parents to pay your way, you are stuck with college loans or you are on a constant search for financial aide if you qualify for it.

One of the primary benefits of learning how to build your own website and monetize it, is that it is something that can be done strictly for its’ own sake as a way of earning money for yourself, but it can also be done as a way to earn money to help you reach another goal, for example earning money to pay for a college education in the field that you are truly passionate about.

Imagine being able to have a website that helped you pay for your degree in Nursing, for example, and you go on to get that great job at a hospital
doing what you love, which is caring for people, and you still own the website that helped you achieve your goals. As long as you spend some time on maintaining your website, it’s still another source of income, known as residual income.

Wealthy Affiliate really is the best Internet Marketing training for beginners because it’s free to start and there is a large community of members who are available to help anyone who joins.

Putting things in perspective.

If you are ready to take the first step in learning how to build your own website, this comparison of just ONE University that offers similar training should easily convince you of the value of the training at Wealthy Affiliate.

Full Sail University is located in Winter Park, Florida. My inclusion of it in this article is not an endorsement of it, nor is it a negative review.It is included here for comparison purposes only.

As you can see,you can easily spend $20,000 learning Internet Marketing over a period of years on a schedule set for you by someone else, or you can
sign up at Wealthy Affiliate for free,work at your own pace and on your own schedule, and if you feel that it’s right for you, you can upgrade to Premium at a very reasonable monthly fee of $49.
Another option would be paying the annual fee of only $359.

At Full Sail University : $20,000 for ONE year of tuition in Internet Marketing.
At Wealthy Affiliate : $359 for one year of tuition in Internet Marketing.

Wealthy Affiliate is clearly the best Internet Marketing training resource for beginners based on the value of the training for the money paid.
The other difference that sets Wealthy Affiliate apart from our Full Sail example is that you can actually remain a member for free, no credit card or payments required. The choice is yours if you want to upgrade to Premium.

Start learning today.






I don’t think Wealthy Affiliate is best internet marketing training only for beginners because I think it is best for both beginners and experts, for everyone who want to earn money online. Anyway, You have mentioned very good points about Wealthy Affiliate there. Thanks for this post.

Thank you for your comment. I agree that Wealthy Affiliate is great training for people with different levels of experience,however, in this particular post my focus was on someone with very little or no experience on the subject, and why Wealthy Affiliate would be best for them.

Hi, Tomas. You are right about Wealthy Affiliate. The training you get there is comparable to what you can receive at a University for a tiny fraction of the price. But don’t tell Kyle and Carson. They might realize they could be charging much more. LOL But seriously, for the price, you can’t beat it.

Hi Andy, thanks for your comment.The main point I was trying to get across is the inherent value of the training here at WA, and why it’s more affordable for someone with no experience.

Hey, Tomas!

This is an awesome, well-written comparison post. Surprisingly, I never thought to consider the cost of an online university like Full Sail.

When comparing the cost between the two, Wealthy Affiliate is definitely the better value. And to be able to work at your own pace is very nice.

This has been a very convincing post and I’m glad to be a member of WA.

Keep up the great work!

Thanks for your comment Nigel. It’s my goal to provide my visitors with information that is as clear and accurate as possible.All the best to you at WA and in all that you do.

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