What’s holding YOU back from starting an online business?

Some common excuses

* You’re nervous about trying something new.
* You’ve tried it before and failed.
* Your wife or husband think it would be a waste of your time.
* Maybe you think you won’t be able to understand the technical aspects of building a website.
* You’re embarrassed of what people will think of you for taking a chance on something new.
* Maybe you’re just plain discouraged by your present financial situation.

I can understand all of these reasons for not wanting to take the bold step of building your own website and then learning how to monetize it.

Before I started Back-UpCash I was trying to find a way to simply make “money on the internet”.

Well, that covers so many things that it was really difficult to find something that was legit and that actually made money.

If you have read my About Me page you know that what made the difference for me was really changing my perspective on my goals, I needed to LEARN to make money online.
How can you effectively make money online if you really don’t know how, and you don’t have thousands of dollars to pay someone to teach you?

Breaking through the barrier of excuses

* There is no reason to be nervous about building your own website.It is a creative process that can be learned by anyone, it is done at your own pace, and you are in full control of the learning process.It is human nature to be nervous about things that we can’t control, building a website is not one of those things.

*If Thomas Edison had given up on inventing and building the light bulb, we would probably still be using candles to light our house.We learn from our mistakes and move forward.

*It is NEVER a waste of time to EDUCATE yourself in a skill that has so much potential to earn money without breaking your back to do it.Why not work smarter instead of harder?

*Building a website is easier to do now than it was 10 years ago.If you have an account with ANY of the major social media providers, you have a mini-website already. Your Facebook page is a mini-website, so is your Pinterest account, and don’t forget Twitter and Flipboard.The only difference between your Facebook page and your own website is that on your own website there is a sophisticated dashboard that only you can access to allow you to control the technical parts of the site. It’s just a matter of LEARNING the functions of the dashboard.

*There is no reason to be embarrassed about wanting to improve your life by learning a new skill, and it’s actually fun learning how to build your website.

*If you are not happy with your present financial situation, you have nothing to lose by learning Internet Marketing, but you can gain a wealth of knowledge that will actually help IMPROVE your financial situation when used correctly.

Start learning today.

If you are ready to take the first step in learning how to build a website read this.

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