The right way to find keywords for your website.

Once you own a website,to ensure your success with the major search engines,you have to know how to find keywords for your website.It all begins with the knowledge of how to do keyword research.

The 3 Success Factors for Productive Keyword Research.
*1.Competition must be low-concentrate on this initially when doing research for keywords.If the competition is high,don’t even think about it.If your keyword wont be able to rank high enough,you will not get traffic to your website.
When looking at competition,there is a specific aspect to look at known as Quote Search Results (QSR).JAAXY is the only tool that I’m aware of that provides this information in a relevant way.It is the keyword tool used here at Back-UpCash.
QSR lets you know the precise number of pages competing in Google,and these are your genuine competitors.An ideal QSR number is 300,that means 300 pages competing in Google,with numbers approaching zero being even better.

Success Factor Number 1-QSR under 300.

*2.Traffic is a must-It is pointless to even try to get ranked below a high volume,high competition keyword.The website wont get ranked,so why worry about how much traffic it “might” get.
Go for a sure winner.If a keyword gets more than 50 searches a month,that’s the keyword to use.Yes 50.It sound really low,and it is,but these keywords of low volume add up when they begin to get ranked.
Keywords with moderate traffic and lower competition usually result in better conversions and are more relevant,which is a bonus for your website.

Success Factor Number 2-Searches per month over 50.

*3.Must be understandable-You shouldn’t try to piece together content with a keyword that makes no sense.As an example look at the title of this article.The keywords blend well into the title,and it’s understandable.Your keywords should all do the same.
Back to our example……

Right Find Keywords-OR-The Right Way to Find Keywords

Which one is understandable and makes sense?
Don’t use strange wording or phrases in your posts and pages.Remember you are writing for your website visitors,not the search engines.

Success Factor Number 3-A human being must be able to understand it.

Start learning today.

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