How is Google About to Change Your life?

 How Google can change your life

Google has been the dominant search engine for some time now. Anyone wanting to build a website today wants the site to be ranked and indexed in all the major search engines, but if they only had one choice it would most likely would be Google.

So how is Google about to change YOUR life? By you deciding to learn the skills you need to build and maintain a website, and then using Google as one of the platforms to promote and share your website. Google is not only a search engine, it includes Youtube, Doubleclick, and many other subsidiaries.

The main goal of anyone who has just started out with a niche or E-commerce website is getting traffic to the site, and the best way to do this is by ranking on page 1 of any Google search for that particular niche or product. It takes hard work and dedication to get to that level of success,but that is how Google can change your life, by building and maintaining a website filled with niche relevant content,useful information, and by also providing value to your visitors.

The value you provide for your visitors is the sum total of your content, the images you display on the website, and how effectively you helped them solve a problem or gave them an answer to a question they had.


How Google can change your life.

If you haven’t built your website yet, or even if you have but it’s still in its’ early stages, think about your own web searches and what makes them important to you. If you are looking for a new recipe for chicken for example, would you prefer to have found a cooking niche website that only had two ways to prepare chicken, fried or baked, or would you rather find a website that had those options and also healthier options as well? The second website is the one providing greater value to its’ visitors wouldn’t you say?

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