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www-1216175_640Building a website used to be really complicated.Not anymore.Here we will explain to you how easy it really is.If you can learn how to navigate the menus on your smart phone,you can build a website.

The first item we will talk about is your domain.That’s the name of your website,and it’s something you need to buy and have registered in your name.You can get free domain names,but they will have the name of the domain provider attached and it won’t be exclusively yours.Your goal is to own your domain name to reap the benefits of what you are going to create on it.

The second item we will talk about is domain servers.These are the storage and processing companies that host your website.Think of your website as a picture you took with your smart phone and the server as the hard drive on your smart phone.

There are a few websites you can visit to buy your domain name,you might have heard of Go Daddy or Google Domains,and the process is simply to visit their website and search for an available domain name and the company you choose will register it in your name after you pay the fee.Fees vary with the registrar you pick,and keep in mind that cheaper doesn’t mean better.You just have to read the fine print to know what your’e paying for.For example,Go Daddy might be advertising domain names for $2.99,but you have to sign up for 2 years,and the second year is $14.99,and $14.99 every year after that.

Domain servers are the companies that actually store and process your website by providing an electronic platform for the website.HostGator is an example of a domain server.After you buy your domain name,you visit the domain servers’ website and transfer your domain name to their servers and you select a template,or design,for your website.

I strongly recommend finding a website or online program that provides both domain registration and hosting is an excellent example of this type of dual purpose provider,however it is expensive.They do have free blogs available,but their premium service is more suitable for an online business.

I also strongly recommend the Wealthy Affiliate program because it also is a dual purpose provider offering domain registration and hosting services,as well as a large support group to help with the learning process.They offer a free membership that I suggest you try to actually see how easy it is to do what I just described above.

Start learning today.



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