My Jaaxy Enterprise Review-the Power Packed keyword research tool.

Most keyword tools have this problem

If you have ever used a keyword tool in the past, you probably know that a lot of them produce vast amounts of information and numbers and metrics that you have to try to understand.What is significant is that most of this information has no value or substance.

Here are some issues you should be aware of when you’re thinking of buying any keyword tool:

*Be cautious of any tool that has to be installed manually,for example a disc or a download.
*Be cautious of any tool that only provides guestimates of PPC rates.
*Be cautious of any tool that uses Alexa as the sole determining factor in competition results.
*Be cautious of any tool that takes multiple searches to achieve a single task.
*Any tool that doesn’t gather results from ALL the major search engines.

These are prime indicators of inferior research tools.You quickly come to the conclusion that the companies making these tools are just taking your money and providing you with worthless information, and they can’t come up with any information of value or substance.

Jaaxy Enterprise-the ultimate keyword research tool.

When you are doing keyword research for your niche websites, the three prime factors that you should be concerned with are:

*Competition numbers for the keyword.
*Traffic numbers for the keyword.
*If the keyword is logical and makes sense, that is,does it sound “right”.

The last item on the list is based mostly on grammar and common sense, but the first two items are things that Jaaxy Enterprise can gather with an accuracy level that is unseen in any other keyword research tool.

Low competition keywords that get a fair amount of traffic are ready for SEO, and once you discover them, you can dominate the search engines just by writing some content or creating a video having relevance to the keyword.

Finding Keywords that make money is this simple.

Base on a simple lack of knowledge, many people at this time worry that the niche they are interested in is too crowded with competition,when in fact, if they had a tool like Jaaxy to provide the right information, the problem they would have would be not having enough hours in the day to explore all of the “no competition” niches that are available.There are simply too many ideas and niches,and keywords to base a website on.

Using Jaaxy, you can build successful campaigns at any time because you will be able to find large numbers of keywords pertaining to any niche, and then use the information to leverage in the writing of your content.

I will show you two examples in niches that I am not at all familiar with:

Our goal is to discover keywords that ideally have less than a total of 300 competing pages,that’s among ALL the major search engines,and that are getting a fair amount of traffic,and that MAKE SENSE when they are read.

*My first example is “TATTOO REMOVAL”.


One quick search in Jaaxy, and I have all the information I need to pick keywords that I can use in a campaign on this subject.Jaaxy even has a color code system to help you make your choices of keywords.

*My second example is “CERAMIC DOG BOWLS”.

In seconds I have 15 relevant keywords for ceramic dog bowls that I could use on a niche website for pet owners as an example.This proves what a power packed tool Jaaxy really is.Two searches in less than 60 seconds gave me enough keywords to build two new campaigns in niches that I am not at all familiar with.Imagine what YOU can do in niches that you ARE familiar with.

Whether you own one domain or dozens of domains,another feature of Jaaxy is EXACT MATCH DOMAINS.

To this day there are still AMAZING domains available to you, and this is how Jaaxy Enterprise can help you find them.

Every time you do a search in Jaaxy Enterprise, it clearly displays which EMDs, or Exact Match Domains, are available for the relevant keyword search term, and it does it at the rate of 90 domains per search. At this rate you can quickly see the availability of a huge number of Exact Match Domains,and these are domains that you could purchase and re-sell for thousands of dollars on re-selling websites such as Flippa.

*Here’s a small example of a list of available domains in the niche of Mens’ Hair Loss:


Again, this is just a small example of what Jaaxy can show you regarding domain availability.You could purchase several of these domains and set up small websites on them,and essentially purchase top ranking in Google because the sites are ranked by the keyword in their names.
Pay a small fee for one year to own the domain, it’s already getting hundreds of clicks per week, so this is a very simple yet effective business model that Jaaxy Enterprise offers you because of the unique features that allow it to be so efficient in finding domains.

There’s a Jaaxy plan to fit every budget.

Jaaxy can do so much more than just find keywords, this makes it a great value whichever plan you choose.

* It has a “brainstorming” function that can help you find niches.
* It can quickly and easily show you where your sites are ranked in Google so you can see what page you show up on in Google.
* It can help you find affiliate programs.
* It will analyse your competitors websites.
* You already have seen the great keyword lists that in compiles for you!

Pick your Jaaxy Power Plan.

Jaaxy has options for any budget including yours.Whether you are a beginner,or if you already have a basic understanding of keywords,or if you are a heavy duty power user, Jaaxy is THE keyword tool for you.

Jaaxy Starter– FREE

Jaaxy Pro– $19 a month or $199 a year.

Jaaxy Enterprise– $49 a month or $499 a year.

If your time is valuable you hate wasting it, and you demand only the best tools for your business then you are a power user and Jaaxy Enterprise is the choice for you.
If you are uncertain of what your needs are and you want to “test drive” Jaaxy first, then go for the Free option.Even though it’s limited, it will show you what to expect out of this amazing keyword tool.
If you are a beginner but are on a restricted budget,then Jaaxy Pro is the way to go.You will save time doing your keyword research, and still have available the majority of the functions that you get in Enterprise.It’s just a little slower.

Another great feature of Jaaxy is that it is a web based system, meaning you can reach it from any place on the planet where you have Internet service.You can even log on to it from your smart phone.Jaaxy will also keep a record of your searches so that you wont forget any of the great ideas you have come up with using it.

If you are ready to personally experience Jaaxy use the search box below.


Hello. Jaaxy looks like a very good tool and I appreciate the screenshots that show how it works.

In your article you talk about finding keywords with low competition which makes sense.

So you want to find keywords with competition under 300, but which number on the Jaaxy screenshot is the competition? The QSR? What does that stand for?

I also was wondering what the KQI column meant. Thanks and a very good review. Geoff.

Thanks for the comment and questions Geoff. QSR stands for Quoted Search Results and it is the precise number of pages competing on the search engines with that keyword. Yes under 300 is preferred, with a lower number being even better.KQI means Keyword Quality Indicator and the best way to think of it is like the traffic signals when you drive your car.Green means “Go” and you can use the keyword effectively in your page or post to help its’ ranking on the search engines. Red means “Stop” because the word will not be effective in your page ranking.
Yellow means “Caution” because the word might help in your page ranking, but only if you have high quality content and you have an older and more established website.

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