Looking for a way to make extra money?Here it is.

Having your own niche website has become one of the best ways of making extra money on-line.You work for yourself,and your level of success is solely determined by your efforts.

What is a niche?

an ornamental recess in a wall or the like, usually semicircular in plan and arched, as for a statue or other decorative object.
a place or position suitable or appropriate for a person or thing:
to find one’s niche in the business world.
a distinct segment of a market.
Ecology. the position or function of an organism in a community of plants and animals.
pertaining to or intended for a market niche; having specific appeal:
niche advertising.
verb (used with object), niched, niching.
to place (something) in a niche.

As it relates to our discussion,we will refer to definitions 2,3,and 5.

Your goals are to focus on selecting a niche that is suitable and appropriate for you,something that is also a distinct segment of a market,and finally,something having specific appeal to certain people.

Your niche should ideally be related to something you love doing,like golf or cooking or rollerblading.There’s no limit to what a niche could be because everyone on the planet has different hobbies and interests.

Once you’ve picked a niche,you build your website,market it with friends and family,on social media,and any other way that that you feel comfortable
sharing it with.

The money is earned by the relationships you establish through vendors that have Affiliate programs,Amazon being one of the most well known.

Each of these vendors have a different application process,so you have to visit their websites to learn about their programs.


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Start learning today.


I completely agree. Your niche will be step one in establishing a legitimate online business. Make sure it’s something you enjoy doing. If you decide to promote watches online, but you don’t care for watches it’ll be a recipe for disaster. Great post!

The niche subject is hard for a lot of folks. One of the biggest faults in choosing a niche is picking one that’s too broad of a range. Would you say that choosing golf clubs would be better than choosing golf? Or even narrowing it down more to a specific brand of clubs or just putters?

I’m sorry for the delay in getting back to you Grant.You ask a very good question,and I would say that narrowing your niche to a specific item would be wise.Golf clubs are a very specialized set of sporting tools,and as far as the brands go,I would apply to any company that had an affiliate program.You just have to visit their websites to see if they have one.
Thanks for your comment.

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