Building a Niche website

laptop-1205256_640Building a website has never been as easy to do than right now.I like to say that if you are smart enough to operate your smart phone,you can build your own website.With little or no experience,anyone can create something as simple as a blog,or they can create an e-commerce

website selling their favorite NFL teams’ T-shirts.The only limitations are those that you place on yourself,because even lack of money is no excuse that should prevent you from building a website if you really want to.The hosting platform that I am writing this post on offers free websites,YES FREE,websites to anyone who joins.You don’t need a credit card,and there is no long term commitment unless you want it.

The point is,if you are serious about earning money on-line,you MUST have a functional website,and you must be willing to work on keeping it up and running,adding appropriate content and making and keeping good affiliate relationships with companies that have affiliate programs,the most popular example being Amazon.The company is aptly named because like the river it’s named after,it’s massive,and it flows all across the world wide web.

So before you actually build your website you need to ask yourself what is the ONE niche that you feel would keep you engaged and motivated enough to stick with?Remember,your long term goal is to earn money from your website,but that shouldn’t be the only reason to build one.Success is more likely if you first think of it in terms of helping people first,because people coming to your website are what keeps it alive.

Are you good at cooking?Are you the best Frisbee golfer in your group of friends?How about health and nutrition-are you an expert in one of those fields?Having your own niche website gives you the opportunity to help people,and to earn money by your affiliate links.You can sell products related to your niche,and you can also earn money by placement of ads on your website by companies related to your niche.

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