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Are you trying to find relevant,high quality keywords for one or more of your marketing campaigns?

It’s as easy as performing a search with the Jaaxy keyword tool.

These are some of the most important aspects of a “relevant”,high quality keyword.
*1.Searches per month-This is the quantity of traffic that is important to you.I suggest that if you are striving for organic rankings,then any traffic is significant,regardless of the amount.
What you should keep in mind is that you want an increase in the RIGHT kind of visitors.

*2.Keyword Quality Index (KQI)-This provides a real-time measurement of the quality of your keyword as it relates to your campaign,weather it’s SEO,PPC or any other type.

*3.Quoted Search Results (QSR)-This is the single most important aspect of keyword competition.JAAXY collects information from all the search engines and lets you know the precise number of pages competing on the search engine with that exact keyword match.
A goal for your QSR searches would be under 400 to improve your search engine ranking,with a number under 300 being ideal.

There are countless numbers of these keywords available to use in your posts and pages,and this becomes very clear when you have a tool that provides you with this information.

*4.The power of SEO-This stands for Search Engine Optimization.This is a determination of how likely a keyword is to get SEO rankings.Aquire these rankings,and you will make money on-line-it’s as easy as that.Keep in mind you still need traffic numbers,you need the meaning of the keyword,competition,and the quality of the keyword.This is effective research at its’ finest.

Start learning today.

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